A Comprehensive Educational, Treatment and Support Center for MEN (and the people in their lives.


Honesty - Accountability - Commitment Lives Change when a person is willing to be honest, accept accountability for their actions and honor the commitments that they make.

Mission Statement

To assist men to improve the quality of their lives for the benefit of the women and children in their lives.

Dr. Edwin Hutchinson

About Us


Dr. Edwin Hutchinson, the Executive Director of The AMEND Center, is a well-known workshop presenter, public speaker, and classroom lecturer on dysfunctional relationships, men and women in relationships, and co-dependency. Dr. Hutchinson is an Idaho Supreme Court approved mediator for child custody and visitation. Dr. Hutchinson is available for individual, family or couple's counseling by appointment.

Costs and Insurance


  • Clients are asked to pay for treatment at the time of services. Itemized statements are provided should a client choose to submit a claim to their health insurance company. The AMEND Center is NOT a provider for Medicaid or Medicare insurance coverage. The Domestic Violence – Batterer Treatment Program is offered on a sliding fee scale based on income and family size. Payment is required at the time of attendance. Mental health groups, personal growth groups and classes have a set weekly fee and are payable at the time of attendance. The AMEND Center is an approved service provider for other agencies and programs that may offer financial assistance for those who qualify.

Self Discovery Workshops